36-inch Moldable Splint


  • 36-inch Moldable Splint

36-inch Moldable Splint by MEDca

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Splints may seem like a nuisance, but they are a key part of the healing process for any fractured or injured limb.

MEDca offers a customizable Splint than provides protection from immobilization and encourage healing while allowing more freedom to move compared to a cast. It helps maintain mobility to avoid shortening of muscular or connective tissue in cases like burns. It also reduces pain by assisting in joint stability and prevent further deformity. The material allows for a contoured and customized fit with improved comfort for the patient.

There are also other remote situations in which our Moldable MEDca Splint might become necessary. Examples are:

  • Head Bead – To provide a sturdy support for the head in cases where the individual needs to lie down.
  • Flame Guard – Keep the flame from getting blown out on your mini stove during camping.
  • Canoe or Snow Paddle
  • Head Guard or Emergency Sandal – It can be formed into a helmet to protect the head or a sandal to temporarily protect the foot.
  • Insulator – It can be wrapped around containers to maintain the temperature, like cold beverages or hot soup.
  • Device Protector – It can be used to cover devices or gadgets and keep it from getting scratches or from breaking.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to use
  • Radiolucent – You can x-ray through it.
  • Foam padded for comfort.
  • Easily rolled or folded for storage.
  • Not affected by ambient temperature extremes or altitude.
  • Cuts easily with regular scissors.
  • Fastens in place with tape or wrap.
  • Will not puncture.

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