One Pair of Metatarsal Pads – 2 Pieces – Gel Pad Ball of Foot Cushions – Rapid Foot Pain Relief

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Why use MEDca Metatarsal Pads?

Best Metatarsal Pads

Do your toes often overhang or scrunch in your open-toe or closed-toe shoes? Do you feel burning sensation on the ball of your foot?

Don’t worry! Because MEDca has brought for you the ultimate pair of foot cushion, which is a perfect solution to your foot problems.

Unique Design

The foot cushions are extremely soft and squishy. Each one has a toe loop in which your toe will fit perfectly irrespective of your foot size. It keeps your feet from displacing underneath your shoe. If you are suffering from any sort of conditions like foot pain, metatarsalgia or neuromas, it will give you instant relief.

Easy and Comfortable

The MEDca forefoot pads have comfortable padding under the metatarsal heads for maximum user comfort. With the toe loop design, the pads are easy to wear and remain precisely stable throughout. Due to the advanced and unique anti-microbial technology the pads are extremely safe for your skin and won’t create any sort of skin reaction.

Long Lasting

Our metatarsal cushions are made of premium and highly durable materials. They are washable and can be used countless times. The pads won’t lose their shape or damage easily in the long run.

Key Features

• Pair of metatarsal pads
• Comfortable toe Loop
• Easy to use
• Safe and skin friendly
• Durable

Great Value for Money

We are offering this awesome and very useful pair of MEDca forefoot gel pads at the rate of one for a limited period. Get yours before the sale runs out.

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  • EXTRAORDINARY FOOT CUSHION: A pair of unique metatarsal pads for those who need a good leisure for their foot. These pads work great with every shoe in your wardrobe.
  • PREMIUM GRADE MATERIAL: Our forefoot pads are made of medical grade squishy and stretchable TPE material. The pads won’t change shape or wear out easily.
  • THERAPEUTIC VALUE: Our ball of foot cushions can rapidly relieve foot pain, neumeria, metatarsalgia and many other acute and chronic foot conditions.
  • EASY TO USE: The metatarsal pads come with toe loop that can comfortably fit all toe sizes. You can easily put your toe in the loop and the pads will remain steady.
  • COMFORTABLE: As an innovative antimicrobial technology have been used in making our neumeria pads, the pads will let your foot remain dry, fresh and soft even if worn for prolonged periods.

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