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Holiday Party Tips For Hearing Aid Wearers

Newer hearing technologies can help make background noise less annoying by using noise management technology. At the same time, you can take steps to make things easier for yourself in challenging hearing environments. For instance, if you find yourself hosting one of the many parties that pop up during the holiday season, some simple concepts can help with your ability to hear.

Keep the background music volume low. Aside from keeping the music from being too difficult to hear over, it can also reduce the amount of ambient noise because guests will not have to raise their voices as much to be heard over the music.

Leverage lighting. By keeping the lights bright enough so that you can see facial expressions, body language, and lips moving, you’ll have a better chance of using visual cues to help you keep up with conversations.

Use disposable plates and utensils. Glass, silverware and porcelain are beautiful, but they can also be loud. Today, there are many well-designed, eco-friendly alternatives that can also minimize clinking that is difficult to hear over.

Spread the fun. By spreading the party across multiple rooms, you can keep some quiet areas where you can have conversations with less background noise.

Use assigned seating. If you’re hosting a sit down meal, use place cards and be sure to seat yourself where you can see as many faces as possible. Round tables are easier for this than rectangular tables, but the important thing is that you can read lips and facial expressions if needed.

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