Behind the Ear Sound Amplifier – BTE Hearing Amplifier and Digital Sound Enhancer with Noise Reducing Feature, a Smaller & Discreet Digital Ear Amplification Device / (Pair) by MEDca

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Why Choose MEDca Sound Amplifiers?

Top Quality Sound

Our industry leading pair of MEDca BTE digital sound amplifiers is the best solution for those with hearing conditions, impairment or in need of precise sound amplification. Whether you love listening to the outdoors, playing music, enging in a meaninful conversation, watching your favorite tv show, or just wanting to experience a new and exciting level of hearing, our digital hearing amplifier is the best choice for you.

Key Features

• 2 high quality BTE amplifiers
• Digital circuitry and control
• Easy-to-use
• Noise reduction feature
• Low Battery consumption

Superior Quality

MEDca PSAP amplifiers are made of high grade audiologist approved components for optimum sound quality. They include a noise reduction technology which eliminates unwanted noise to offer crystal clear hearing.

Long Lasting

The amplifiers are rugged and have strong construction. Both inner and outer components are made of premium quality materials. They won’t break or damage easily. If used with care, they are guaranteed to last for a lifetime.

Low Power for Extended Battery Life

Usually devices that run on batteries come with high lifetime expenses, but don’t worry! MEDca BTE hearing amplifier consumes litte power, hence reducing expenses on batteries in the long run.

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