NewEAR Digital High Power BTE Hearing Personal Sound Amplifier "NEW RELEASE"

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The NewEAR Digital High Power BTE is a revolutionary sound amplification system that is affordable and discreet. Lightweight and compact, you won’t even feel like you’re wearing it. Whether you’re in the theater, watching TV, listening to soft music or just having a quiet conversation, you will hear loud and clear. While some hearing devices can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, NewEAR Digital High Power BTE is a remarkable value! IMPORTANT INSTRUCTION: Turn down the volume completely before placing amplifier into ear. Once in the ear, turn volume up slowly till you reach your comfort sound level.

  • POWERFUL HEARING AMPLIFIER: This revolutionary digital BTE amplifier by NewEar is the most powerful hearing amplifier with noise reduction feature, for those who need premium quality sound amplification.
  • EXTRAORDINARY DESIGN: It’s a micro BTE and has air construction, meticulously designed by our expert audiologist. This unit comes with 3 different earplugs for convenience.
  • PRECISE VOLUME CONTROL: With the digital volume control, it can gradually and comfortably increase sound levels according to your unique hearing needs.
  • COMFORTABLE: Our amplifier is perfect for adults of all ages. It works excellently on either of the ears. Also, due to its feather-weight, you can wear it comfortably for prolonged periods.
  • LOW POWER CONSUMPTION: Unlike other amplifiers, ours guarantees a very low lifetime expense on batteries as it consumes less power, initially increasing battery life.

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