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  • NewEAR Digital Modern High Power Personal Sound Hearing Amplifier

NewEar Digital Modern High Power Personal Sound Hearing Amplifier Aid

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Know why NewEar Digital BTE amplifier is the ultimate choice

Best Quality Sound Amplification

NewEar brings the most advanced digital hearing amplifier for those who need high quality sound amplification. Whether you require a hearing aid or you desire to take hearing to another level then this is just the right choice for you.

Remarkable Design

With full digital circuitry and digital volume control, this new BTE amplifier is much more convenient. It has a single off and on button for quick and easy use. Once you put on the amplifier, it will hold a perfect grip on your ear comfortably, with minimal chance of falling off.

Stylish and sleek Construction

Our BTE amplifier is not only tiny in size but also virtually invisible as the half part of the unit is translucent. It’s extremely light in weight, so no matter how long you put it on, it won’t make you feel any sort of discomfort. Also, it’s extremely durable.


• Maximum saturation sound pressure level(OSPL90) is129+3dB
• 38±5d full on Acoustic Gain
• 10% Total Harmonic Distortion
• Frequency Response ranges from 500Hz~3800Hz
• Equivalent Input Noise is 32dB
• Runs on Zinc-Air A13 battery
• Battery Current Drain is 1.8mA
• Rated Voltage of the unit is 1.4 V
• Product size is 35.5×15.5×9.6 mm and Weight is 4g

Budget Friendly

NewEar micro BTE amplifier is made especially for the budget conscious buyers who are in need of an inexpensive yet superior quality hearing amplifier. We are offering this premium quality digital device at a discounted rate. Grab yours till the offer persists!

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  • Micro BTE and air construction design, virtually invisible and lightweight
  • 1 x zinc-air a13 cell battery, digitally enhanced hearing quality, it comes with 2 tip sizes and will fit left or right ear
  • Gradually and comfortably increases sound levels according to your unique needs by digital volume control

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