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Bring The World To Your Ears! It has dozens of practical use! Take it to the movies, theater, or lecture hall and you’ll never miss a word. It’s great for watching TV with a spouse-just keep the volume on low and turn on. She can read while you watch the ball game! It is not intended for the hearing impaired, but now you can enjoy the crisp, clear sound of a TV or radio playing at low levels, without annoying everyone else in the room. Experience the fascinating world of super hearing today! BTE Type Features: • Amplify sounds up to 40 decibels • Weight less than 10 grams • Adjust volume as your wishes • Adjust to either ear

  • EXCEPTIONAL FUNCTIONS: This hearing amplifier comes with low power consumption for up to 6 times power saving over analog models. It’s superior to other hearing amplifiers in the same range. Its digital volume and mode controls enhances this already top model. Amplify sounds up to 40 decibels
  • COMFORTABLE: The amplifier is comfortable in either of the ears.
  • EASY USE AND GOOD BATTERY LIFE: Our device is simple and user-friendly. It runs on 3LR44 battery and consumes very less power, literally lowering the lifetime expenses on battery in the long run.

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