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Why MEDca Pill Cutter is a must have accessory?

Perfect Pill Splitter

If you are in a constant medication and often have to take tablets in small dose then this pill splitter by MEDca is the safest and quickest solution for you. With this pill splitter you can cut your tablets into slices without any threat of hurting yourself in the process.

Unique Design

The cutter has a plastic body and a sharp blade made of stainless steel. It’s designed in such a way that it can split a table in seconds with very less effort. Not a single part of the pill will be wasted as it gives a perfect and neat cut.

Easy to Use

The cutter is very convenient to use as all you have to do is put the pill in the cutter and close it.

At the point when the cutter is opened, the one of a kind security shield moves into place to fully cover the sharp edge so your fingers can’t interact with it.

Durable and Travel-friendly

The splitter has a strong construction and its stainless steel blade won’t rust in the long run. It’s sure to last for a very long time. As the pill cutter is small in size, it can easily fit into your pocket, purse or wallet. This makes our pill cutter also ideal for those who travel a lot.

Key Feature

• Adaptable wings
• Stainless steel blade
• Sharp and smooth edge
• Convenient
• Rugged and durable

Valuable Purchase

We are offering this MEDca pill cutter at a very reasonable rate for a limited period, so get yours now before the sale runs out.

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