Hearing Amplifiers Set with New Digital Technology – Almost Invisible Design and Rechargeable USB Dock – Personal Pair Sound Amplifier with Adjustable Volume Tone Control By NewEar

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  • HIGH PERFORMANCE – Hear Ultra Clear Sounds Its That Simple. Amplifies Sound In The Best Speech Frequencies Of The Human Voice Complete Background Noise Reduction And Cancellation. Energy Efficient Rechargeable Batteries Allows For Longer Use Between Charges
  • LATEST DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY – Designed By Audiologists. Using Band Digital Sound Processing, Our Affordable Devices Help Amplify Speech While Actively Reducing Background Noise Making This The Best Most Efficient Audiology Design Yet. No Prescription Or Medical Evaluation Required
  • SMALL, DISCREET, LIGHTWEIGHT & COMFORTABLE – This Light Weight Headset Offers Invisible Bendable Earline Tubes With Simple One Switch Operation And Volume Hearing Control. Fits Perfectly Behind The Ears And Even Comfortable To Wear With Any Pair Of Glasses
  • READY TO WEAR RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX – No Programing Or Fine Tuning Adjustments. These Are The Simplest Ready To Use Personal Hearing Amplifier Devices. Using The Bendable Ear Line To Place Over The Hear And Adjust Earplug For A High Comfort Fit
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Customer Is Our Top Priority. If You’re Not Satisfied For Any Reason With Our Non-programable Personal Hearing Amplifiers Set, We’ll Refund Your Money. No Questions Asked!

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