Lice Comb – (Pack of 24) Head Lice Treatment that’s Individually Packaged Professional Stainless Steel Louse and Nit Combs Removes Eggs with Rounded Tips for Comfort


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Being told that you have lice can be one of the most stressful and discouraging things to happen. It can feel like it takes forever to go away and can spread to everyone in the house. With our 3 pack lice comb you’ll be able to effectively get rid of head lice and nits to prevent all types of infection and re-infection! With Three combs, you can be prepared for the worst and make this stressful time just a little less stressful.

The problem with other lice combs is their cheap construction which makes a time sensitive issue so much more stressful. They are made of cheap, breakable material that don’t get the job done. Not only that, but they aren’t made to work for different hair types and won’t remove nits. Our head lice comb solves all of these problems!

Unlike other lice combs, which don’t remove nits or work for different hair types, our lice combs feature teeth that can effectively glide through every type of hair, while still grabbing hold of the hair and making sure that all of the nits come out with it. Our lice combs are made using highly effective micro grooving teeth that are designed to specially grip the hair and remove everything from root to tip. Because we make our lice combs in this unique way, it means that you’ll get rid of your lice quickly and effectively!

This Three Pack of lice combs has everything you need for a head lice treatment! It’s easy to see why customers love it with it’s ergonomically designed handle for easy grip, micro-grooving teeth for root to tip coverage, and perfect for any hair type!

MEDca offers only premium quality home health aids and we guarantee that you will be absolutely happy with your purchase.

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