MEDca Disposable Bed Pads (23″ X 36″) for Kids, Adults, Elderly, Seniors – PACK OF 25

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  • Multipurpose Use
  • Great For Puppy Training
  • Avoid Irritation And Messes
  • Superior Quality Construction
  • Highly Absorbent Disposable Pads
  • Suitable For Beds, Changing Stations, And Other Surfaces

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It’s What You Need When You Need It!
If you have incontinent patients or babies that are still in diapers, accidents are most likely to happen. Their urine can seep into the bed sheets and mattress and when it frequently occurs, you would then have to replace these which can cost you more. These Disposable Underpads by MEDca are a big help for parents and care providers because these pads can prevent accidents from going further. Not only will you save your linens and mattress, but you also have the peace of mind that who you are caring for can sleep throughout the night comfortably.

Disposable Underpads that Put Your Mind at Ease
Composed of 3 layers, our chux pads are highly absorbent and quickly dries thus preventing skin irritations, rashes, or other issues that will cause discomfort. The top layer is a soft and comfortable quilted material while the middle layer is a fluff filled polymer and the bottom is a waterproof plastic material. MEDca underpads are also quite effective for housebreaking or for older pets. Since these are designed to absorb liquids, you’ll be able to prevent puddling and pets won’t track their accidents around the house thus also avoiding the spread of odors and contaminants. Clean-up is a breeze because these pads are disposable.


– Pack of 25 Disposable Underpads
– Sheet Dimensions Measure 23″ x 36″
– Disposable
– 45g for Strong Absorbency
– Latex-Free
– Multipurpose Use
– Suitable for Beds, Changing Stations, and Other Surfaces
– Added Layer of Protection
– Ideal for Babies, Kids, Adults, and the Elderly
– Puppy Training & Housebreaking

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45G HIGHLY ABSORBENT DISPOSABLE PADS: Add an additional layer of coverage to protect beds, changing stations, and other surfaces from water or urine due to incontinence and uncontrollable bladder activity. These Disposable Underpads are perfect for household with kids, toddlers, and seniors. Change bed covers less frequently resulting in less clean up and loads of laundry

SUPERIOR QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: MEDca disposable bed pads are designed with a waterproof non-skid backing and a 45g premium layer in the middle that helps absorb liquids, urine, or accidents and a soft and comfortable quilted top sheet. These layers work together to quickly lock-in fluids to help control odor and wetness

BEST VALUE – PACK OF 25 PADS: Available in a pack of 25, you’ll have a steady supply for various needs. Use daily or nightly for elderly adults or every time you put the baby down for a nap and need extra protection. These pads come pre-folded so they’re easy to bring when traveling. Highly convenient since these are disposable so clean up is a breeze

AVOID IRRITATION AND MESSES: These are suitable especially for those who are bedridden, with mobility issues, and those recovering from surgery or operation. Helps lighten the load for care providers since changing underpads are easier versus changing the sheets

MANY USES! GREAT FOR PUPPY TRAINING: Housebreaking you pet just became easier with the MEDca puppy training pads and incontinence pads. Not just for babies and the elderly, these underpads are quite useful when you’re training new pets for indoor living or for older dogs who are no longer mobile or agile. Prevent puddling and tracking urine around the house

2 reviews for "MEDca Disposable Bed Pads (23″ X 36″) for Kids, Adults, Elderly, Seniors – PACK OF 25"

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    When I adopted my puppy, I thought everyone will be happy. They were, at first, but sooner rather than later, it started peeing just about everywhere around the house. A friend of mine experienced the same problem when he brought home a dog. He said I should use the Disposable Underpads – (25 count) 23” X 36” Incontinence Pads, 45g Strong Absorbent Thick Changing Pads Beds Urine Protection Changing Stations For Kids, Adults, Elderly, Seniors, Puppy Training from Carismedic. This item has been incredibly helpful.

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    Disposable underpad is an amazing one that promises to give the best aid. It is solid and durable, and almost any liquid dries quickly without a spill. It is the recommended product to buy as soon buy it and then gain the benefits from it. It is available in several online stores and then worthwhile to buy.

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