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Why MEDca Early Result Pregnancy Test is an optimal choice?

Most Accurate and Reliable

Are you trying for pregnancy? Are you fed up of going to the clinic for pregnancy tests every time you skip your period date? Do you need a HCG test at your home? MEDca early pregnancy detection test is an ideal choice for you. It’s able to deliver results comparable to e.p.t tests that are 99% accurate.

Unique Testing Method

The test detects hormone levels in the urine to obtain the pregnancy result. There are very less pregnancy testing devices that use this method to detect pregnancy in early stage. Due to this unique testing process, MEDca tests are superior to other products.

Super Fast Result

With our pregnancy tests, you’ll get your result in minutes. If it?s positive, the display will indicate the result in just 60 seconds. With this home pregnancy test kit you won’t have to run to the clinic every time.

Easy to Use and Understand

Unlike other pregnancy testing devices, our tests are designed very simple and easy to use. Just three drops of urine is enough to determine if you are pregnant. You can also carry the test in your wallet or pouch as each strip is sealed in a different pouch that also include a plastic dropper.

Key Features

Super sensitive
99% accurate
Packed in individual pouch
Result in 60 to 90 seconds


  • UTTING-EDGE EARLY PREGNANCY DETECTION DEVICE: A highly reliable early pregnancy tests that can deliver results comparable to e.p.t home pregnancy test.
  • CONVENIENT TO USE: All you have to do is urinate in a cup and transfer just 3 drops to the round well of the test using the dropper. For convenience, each test is sealed in individual pouches, including a dropper.
  • EASY-TO-READ WINDOW: Each test has a large and easy-to-understand window in which two light red lines indicate positive result. If the result is negative only a single pink bar will appear.
  • SUPER SENSITIVE TESTS: This home pregnancy test kit is sensitive and reliable. It detects hormone levels and delivers 99% accurate results.
  • QUICK RESULTS: Our early pregnancy detection test work twice as fast as any other ordinary pregnancy test. It will provide you result in just 1 to 3 minutes.

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