MEDca Hearing Aid Protectors and Clip – Adjustable Elastic Cord With Cinch Ring

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  • Plastic Clip
  • Suitable for Any Age
  • Nylon-Spandex Sleeve
  • Includes Protective Case
  • Adjustable Elastic Cord with Cinch Ring

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Protect Your Investment and Avoid Costly Trips to the Audiologist!
Hearing aids are tiny and can be so comfortable that they become second nature and you may not even notice right away if one falls out. Even worse this can mean stepping on it and not noticing until it’s too late. So why not give yourself peace of mind and protect your hearing aids with the MEDca Hearing Aid Protector Sleeves and Clip.

With Our Hearing Aid Sleeves You will be able to Exercise and Play Sports Again Worry-Free!
Safeguard your device from dirt, dust, moisture, sweat, and humidity from reaching the inner circuit of your device. Because of the corded clip, your device is kept secured to your clothing. The cinch ring allows you to adjust the cord closer to your head for a tighter fit. Made of premium and durable materials, our hearing amplifier sleeve and clasp are long-lasting and will keep up with your fast-paced lifestyle. If you’re athletic and always on the go, this is perfect for enjoying peace of mind that your device is kept safe while performing any activity. Easy to use and suitable for any age. Wash as needed to maintain the integrity of the material.


– Nylon-Spandex Sleeve
– Adjustable Elastic Cord with Cinch Ring
– Plastic Clip
– Includes Protective Case
– Suitable for Any Age
– Premium Quality Nylon-Spandex Fabric

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HEARING AID SLEEVE THAT PROTECTS YOUR INVESTMENT: These breakthrough hearing aid sleeves are made of durable nylon-spandex blend material which will prevent dust, dirt, sweat, and wick moisture protecting the device from damage so that your hearing aids will last for many years to come. This material has also shown acoustic transparency so that it will not hinder the hearing aid’s performance

CORDED DESIGN KEEPS YOUR HEARING AIDS SAFE: Losing a hearing aid can be a devastating experience and going to the audiologist for a fitting or searching for it is time-consuming and expensive. The MEDca hearing aid protectors features a cord and clip which you can easily fasten to your shirt and prevent any breakage, damage, or loss

PREMIUM QUALITY FABRIC MATERIAL: This innovative design features 3 components: the sleeve, cord, and clip. Made of sturdy nylon-spandex fabric, the double-walled sleeve is connected by the elastic cord. The cinch ring allows you to adjust the cord for a tighter fit. A strong plastic clip at the end enables you to fasten it on your shirt our blouse without damaging your clothes

WATER RESISTANT! GREAT FOR EXCERSISING & OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES: This premium quality hearing aid protector and clip be worn every day and withstand most activities. Enjoy peace of mind that you won’t lose your device while playing sports, exercising, hiking, running, and other physical recreation

SIMPLE & EASY TO USE: Suitable for all ages, anyone can put the sleeve on their devices. Just remove the earmold or bud then insert the tubing through the wide end of the sleeve. Slide the sleeve onto your hearing bud. Wash with warm soapy water, rinse thoroughly, and air dry to maintain the integrity of the sleeve



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