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Why is MEDca sprain therapy pain relief pack an optimal choice?

Multi-purpose pain relief Pack

MEDca brings you the universal sprain therapy pain relief pack that can be used as both hot and cold therapy. It’s a perfect solution for relieving sprain, muscle cramps, neck pain, arthritis pain and more.

Precise and Compact

Our hot and cold pain relief pack is precisely designed. The gel has ability to absorb heat and cold without any changes in its state, which makes it extremely flexible. Our gel pack is compact, perfectly built for comfortable grip and convenience. Due to small size and light weight, it?s also travel-friendly.

Quick Reliever

The best aspect of our gel therapy pack is that it?s applicable in two ways. When used as a cold therapy, the pack provides quick relief to acute tissue injuries, and other conditions to reduce swelling, bruising and pain. It provides soothing and long-lasting relief when used as a hot therapy. It’s also good for relieving arthritis pain and promotes blood flow.

Reusable and Long-lasting

Our gel pack has been constructed uniquely so that It can be used infinite times. The gel pack is flexible and genuine. It can be cooled in the freezer for as long as one hour and micro-waved for 50 seconds. MEDca pain relief pack is the ultimate hot and cold therapy.

Key Features

? PVC -Gel Pack
? Hot and cold therapy
? Refrigerator safe and microwavable
? Reusable
? Durable

Best Value

We are offering this universal MEDca sprain therapy gel pack at a discounted rate for limited period. Get yours before the rate hikes!

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  • UNIVERSAL SPRAIN THERAPY PACK: Revolutionary hot and cold gel pack therapy for sprains, tissue injuries, headaches, neck pain, toothaches and more.
  • SWELLING AND PAIN RELIEVER: The gel pack relieves swelling fast in order to reduce pain. It’s a very good source for muscle-relaxation; and increases blood flow to promote quick healing.
  • EXTREMELY DURABLE: High quality nylon has been used in making our sprain therapy gel pack. The gel used is also of superior quality. It’s guaranteed to last for a lifetime.
  • FREEZER-FRIENDLY AND MICROWAVABLE: Unlike other packs, ours won’t freeze when stored in the refrigerator, and retain its flexibility. Also, it won’t lose its shape even when micro-waved for infinite times.
  • REUSABLE: Our gel pack is an ultimate therapy pack as you can directly cool it or heat it. It can be reused infinitely without any need of changing the gel.

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