MEDca Premium Digital Hearing Amplifiers (Black Finish) – Set of 2


  • Premium Quality for an Affordable Price
  • Digital Technology that Helps to Reduce Feedback and Static Issues
  • Easy – Simple to Use Volume Control to Adjust Sound Frequency
  • Different Sizes of Ear Domes that can be Worn Comfortably FOR All Day Use
  • Low Voltage for Extra Battery Life
  • Designed by Audiologists
  • No Programming Required
  • On/Off Switch
  • Volume Control
  • Backed by Our 24 Month Warranty and Superior Customer Support

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Simply Best Deal Ever on Digital Hearing Amplifiers.
You can now purchase an affordable quality hearing aid amplifier for much less than the cost of name brand ones for a fraction of the cost. With MEDca you will instantly experience the difference with our cutting edge design that is unique and comfortable. Not only that, but they feature noise reduction, feedback cancellation, digital volume control and 6 different volume levels, giving you the ultimate control over what you hear and what you don’t hear. This means that you do not have to disturb everyone else in the house when you watch the TV

Our digital hearing amplifiers offer the best in class combination of usability, technology, and affordability that is currently available. These rechargeable hearing amplifiers will allow you to enjoy every moment with those you love! MEDca hearing amplifiers feature built-in noise reduction and a high level of flexibility that works of virtually every user to product crystal clear sound.


  • Set of 2 Digital Hearing Amplifier – Black Finish
  • 2 Omni Directional Ear Sound Tubes
  • 6 – LR44 Power-Friendly Batteries
  • 6 – Ear Domes

MEDca hearing amplifiers feature precise sound amplification, quick and accurate settings, light and comfortable design, and is designed by an expert audiologist. It also includes an easy to follow user friendly instruction manual.

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    I bought these through Amazon, I like the fit and sound quality. But battery size should be listed in the instructions not just lr44. Give a commen battery number like 10 or 13 for example.

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