MEDca sleeping mask with earplugs, Soft Eye mask- Fits any size (Black)



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Before buying this MEDca Eye Mask, it’s necessary for you to know why this is a worthy purchase…

Best Buy This MEDca sleeping mask with earplugs is a must-have accessory for all those troubled sleepers out there. Whether you need short naps during the daytime or on travel, it offers you better sleep in any situation. This sleeping mask comes with great durability and versatility, which makes it extremely user convenient. It’s very soft and super light, so you won’t even feel it exists.

Fits any size Men, women, or kids, anyone can wear this eye mask as it fits any head size. For this purpose, it has been specially designed with adjustable elastic Velcro straps. All you need to do is adjust and wear!

Reliable and dependable It’s true that it blocks out all the light and offers great sleep even during broad daylight. It also helps relieve many sleeping disorders. The earplugs allow you to have a peaceful sleep by blocking away any disturbing sound. Now you don’t have to worry about the annoying neighbors anymore! You can nap like a boss!

Worth the price A set of masks and earplugs in one set is a great deal at a fair price. The product has strong construction and can last very long even after several times of usage. Invest your money in this awesome buy and experience the best sleep ever!

We Guarantee you

Ours is a premium product and we always stand at the back of our products. If in case you aren’t 100% satisfied, do let us know and get a refund or replacement.

Enjoy this awesome and absolutely SAFE purchase today by just clicking the ‘add to chart’ button above.

  • FITS ALL HEAD SIZES- Whether men, women or kids, with the adjustable Velcro strap, this eye mask has been designed to fit perfectly on anyone!
  • EXTREMELY STABLE AND RELIABLE ACCESSORY- This sleeping mask blocks out all the light and offers proper night sleep and a great daydream. It can also help you relieve insomnia, apnea, or any sleep disorder. No matter how much you move around or roll over in your sleep, this mask will never fall off!
  • SUPER SOFT AND ULTRA LIGHT- This mask is feather-like soft and so light that you will barely feel its existence when wearing it. This product is ideal even for those style-conscious girls as it doesn’t smudge your makeup or make you look funny. Great for beauty sleep!
  • VERSATILE WITH EARPLUGS- The additional earplugs add more versatility to them. For convenient use and better results, the earplugs come with perfect tips. The mask has an integrated holder on its strap for earplugs, in order to avoid misplacements.
  • HIGH-QUALITY DURABLE MATERIAL- It’s made out of high-quality silk material with sturdy construction, and doesn’t fall apart within a couple of months, unlike other products. The elastic strap maintains its shape and elasticity even after countless times of usage.

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