NewEar Hearing Amplifier Ear ITC (Pair) Bulk


  • Pair of high quality ear ITC
  • Micro processor technology
  • Precise amplification
  • High battery life
  • Durable

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Why is NewEar ITC Hearing Amplifier worth purchasing?

Premium Product

The new cutting-edge hearing amplifier is best ITC hearing amplifier for all those who are looking forward to buy a high quality sound amplifier. This come in pair and is designed to fit in all adult ears. They are so tiny that others won’t even notice that you are wearing one.

Optimal Amplification

The amplifier has a noise reduction feature that minimizes unwanted noise and offers you optimal sound clarity. With the digital volume control you can gradually adjust the sound level according to your requirements.

Unique Design

The pair has been uniquely designed by our experts. Unlike other ITC hearing amplifiers, ours won?t fall of easily. Special mini micro processor technology is used in order to give you powerful sound amplification. Also, the earpieces are totally safe for your ears. No matter how long you wear, they won’t bother you.

Reliable and Long-lasting

6 earpieces are included with the NewEar ITC hearing amplifier for the long run, in order to reduce expenses on replacements. The pair is constructed very rugged, and guaranteed to last for a lifetime. For better care and storage the units come in a hard case.

Key Features

Pair of high quality ear ITC
Micro processor technology
Precise amplification
High battery life

Best Value

We are offering two brand new hearing amplifiers in the cost of one. In case you are looking for an excellent device in a low-end budget then this is the right time for you to purchase as the offer is limited. Get yours before it runs out!

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  • DEVIANT ITC HEARING AMPLIFIER: Right from the leader in protection and sound amplification NewEar, this pair of ITC hearing amplifier is designed for those who require a powerful covert hearing amplifier.
  • PRECISELY SMALL AND LIGHTWEIGHT: Our hearing amplifier is extremely small in size and light in weight that makes it one of the tiniest devices available.
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: It’s designed by our most experienced audiologist by considering all the liable requirements of an individual for best results. Highly advanced mini micro processor technology makes this pair a superior hearing amplifier.
  • HIGH QUALITY SOUND MODIFICATION: Digital volume control allows the user to comfortably modify volume and tone for optimum hearing.
  • DURABLE AND LONG BATTERY-LIFE: Top grade materials have been used to construct both the external case and internal components of the units. These are designed to consume very less power in order to maximize battery life and reduced expenses.

Additional information

Weight 0.13 lbs
Dimensions 3.75 × 2.5 × 0.87 in

10 Boxes (5% discount), 100 Boxes (15% discount)

2 reviews for "NewEar Hearing Amplifier Ear ITC (Pair) Bulk"

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    I couldn’t believe that the NewEar Hearing Amplifier Ear ITC (Pair) Bulk would even work because of its size. Once I started using it, though, I realized it’s a pocket-sized powerhouse! No one even notices that I’m wearing them. Those who do think that I’m using earplugs! Carismedic is a driver of innovation!

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    As per my friend’s suggestion, I bought a NewEar ITC hearing amplifier. It is worth purchasing rather than other similar products; it may give the best aid. This product has noise reduction features and then minimizes unwanted noise. It is a really recommended product and so buys it gains the benefits.

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